A year of stories

Image The files are getting fat, the facts overflow their thin cardboard skins, never intended to contain whole lives. The stories are getting restless and asking to be told instead of being imprisoned in bits of paper and ink.

So, I’ll start here. If you happen upon these tales, I hope you will pause a few moments and reflect on our common humanity, and the great love story that created and binds us all.

I’ve been inspired by a challenge issued by another genealogy blogger (link for “No Story Too Small” to write about 52 ancestors this year.  So…here goes!


3 thoughts on “A year of stories

  1. Connie says:

    I love old letters like this. I’m currently transcribing several hundred World War II letters, and they are so interesting. I’m wondering where in Tennessee your Vaughan ancestors are from. My husband descends from Vaughans in Maury County.

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